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About the Artist:

Paula Drew has always been interested in art ever since she was a young child.  She was fascinated by bright colours and by the magic of mixing colours to create others.  During her early art training years she experimented with other mediums such as copper etching, pottery, silk screen, clay sculpture, pastel and oils. She fell in love with etching, ink, watercolour and acrylic and chose these mediums to experiment with further.


Her career choice became Teaching, Early Education, and the Art of Infant Massage but painting has always continued to be a passion and her regular hobby along with music and vocal interests. Paula has been a vocalist in choirs most of her life and is a regular soloist. Paula also enjoys playing guitar and piano and writing tunes when time permits.

Paula comes by her talent naturally as both her parents are very gifted artists!  Paula is a mother of 10 adult children, 4 amazing biological and 6 wonderful gifts! Paula is a miracle woman who has survived terminal cancer! This event in her life has resulted in the ceasing of her full-time career but has now allowed her to focus more on her art. Her art often reflects the joy of this miracle and her love and gratefulness for life!

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